Should you possess a Hampton Bay product, ranging from a lighting fixture, patio furniture, solar lights to ceiling fans, at some juncture, you might encounter the need for a replacement part or require a repair. Understanding the appropriate process can prove immensely beneficial in saving time and effort.

Through direct contact with Hampton Bay, we have initiated the procedure on your behalf and documented a systematic guide below. It is rather disheartening to install an exquisite chandelier only to discover a broken lamp or observe a tear in the fabric of your comfortable umbrella. But fret not…

Seeking a Replacement Part or Repair for Your Hampton Bay Item?

The most straightforward solution to acquire any Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan part is to: Reach out to HomeDepot on 1-877-527-0313, then opt for option #4. Subsequently, you’ll have to select from a roster of options describing your item. Finally, determine whether you’re aware of your UPC# and whether the item is within two years or older.

As an alternative, you could dial on 979-553-3260, and a representative will assist you in procuring the replacement part you require.

Several components, including glass shades, switches, fan blades, and remote controls, are commonly sought for replacement due to wear, accidental damage, or redesigning. For patio furniture, the process slightly deviates but remains equally straightforward. Kindly refer to Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Parts – Accessories Repairs Blades for more information.

Essential Steps for Procuring Replacement Parts

We present a concise video below that illuminates the three alternatives you possess to locate your replacement part or repair, followed by the steps.

  1. Initiate by precisely determining the problem. Ensure you can lucidly and accurately articulate it.
  2. Identify the exact product name and the model number and note them prior to requesting your part. For instance: Hampton Bay Littleton 42 in. White Ceiling Fan Model # UB42S-WH-SH. This information will typically be found on the original box. If you have misplaced the box, the UPC code can be found atop the actual motor housing. Moreover, they prefer to have the UPC number. In case all other options are unfeasible, a photograph of your product would suffice to aid in its identification.
  3. While I previously recommended Home Depot, the considerable issues with their service compel me to now advocate for for repairs and replacement parts for your Hampton Bay ceiling fan or item.
  4. To order ceiling fan parts, call 979-553-3260. Operating hours are 8:00 am – 8:00 pm (central), Monday – Saturday. Most parts are shipped via Priority Mail (USPS 2-3 days for delivery times) for approximately $10.00. Smaller parts are shipped USPS first class for around $7.20, typically taking between 5 to 7 days. They stipulate that ‘All sales are final, but a part, not glass, can be exchanged, for the same type part, if it did not fit or we sent you the wrong part.’ They also mention that ‘Return postage or freight charges for any returned merchandise must be paid by the customer. All parts come with a 30-day warranty for defect or damage. Any exchange or return for credit must be done within 30 days from receipt of part.’ It is advisable to call them for estimates on Ceiling Fan Repairs, and they can be reached on 979-553-3260.

Ensuring the Secure Dispatch of Your Repairable Hampton Bay Items

Considerable care and attention are necessitated when preparing your Hampton Bay items to be dispatched for repair. Ensuring that they are securely encased in a box, supplemented with ample bubble wrap, can mitigate the possibility of damage during transit. It is especially important to label the box as ‘fragile’ should the enclosed items include glass components. Prior to packing, the fan’s down rod – the intermediary between the ceiling and the fan – must be removed to ensure a flat fit within the box. Any batteries within the products should also be removed before shipping.

Although seemingly obvious, it is crucial to include a note bearing your name, contact number, shipping instructions, and a detailed description of the issues plaguing the product(s) requiring repair.

Rest assured, an estimate will be provided before any repair work commences.

The repaired fan, or any other Hampton Bay product, will be returned within two working days, either via Priority Mail (USPS 2-3 day) or UPS ground.

Locating Replacement Parts for Your Hampton Bay Products

Home Depot’s website proves quite resourceful when searching for replacement parts for Hampton Bay items. They provide a comprehensive list of components and facilitate their search via this link (Affiliate link to HomeDepot through Skimlinks).

Should you struggle to diagnose the issue with your Hampton Bay item or are unable to locate the UPC, Home Depot boasts an online community where queries can be posted and expert guidance sought. They strive to alleviate your stress by simplifying the resolution process. Their website enumerates all available replacement parts.

Upon gathering the requisite information, their parts replacement department can be reached at 1-877-527-0313. Opt for #4 for Hampton Bay items and choose from the six options that best describe the product requiring a replacement part. Options encompass ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, patio furniture, and more. Subsequently, you’ll be queried about your warranty or UPC# and whether the purchase occurred within the last two years or prior.

Remember to make the call during their operating hours from Monday to Friday. The Hampton Bay representative will request the information you’ve compiled and assist you in procuring the appropriate replacement part. You can place the order over the phone without the need to venture into a physical store or drive around town in search of the solution.

A video illustrates the entire phone call procedure to Home Depot, enumerating all the options.

Components Home Depot Can Replace

A perusal of the HomeDepot site reveals an extensive range of replacement parts they offer. Although not exhaustive, this list can provide a rudimentary understanding of the components likely to be available, assuming they are in stock.

Downrods: They offer 54 downrods suitable for a variety of ceiling fans in the Hampton Bay category. Examples include Gazebo, Everstar II, Seaport, Harper III, Carrington, Brookedale, Glendale, Miramar II, Farmington, Sinclair, Four Winds, Trafton, Waterton II, Glendale, Larson, Oakley, Carroloton II, Garrison, Metarie, Tahiti Breeze, Langston, Brookhurst.

They also provide glass cages for diverse ceiling fans, blade screw bags, switch caps, coupling covers, mounting brackets, canopy sets, outdoor patio privacy walls, light kits, blade arm kits, among others.

Notably, they retail replacement white glass and brushed nickel glass.

It is advisable to peruse their website before contacting them to determine if your required component is listed.

Additional Outlets for Replacement Parts

To expand your options, try inputting the correct search term on Amazon and inspect the available parts using the phrase: ‘Hampton Bay Replacement Parts’ (Affiliate link to Amazon). eBay has also proven fruitful, with a number of brand new, as well as second-hand parts from dismantled ceiling fans on offer. provides a multitude of parts. Check out their website and select Hampton Bay.

They provide specific sections for each category: Flywheels, capacitors, chain switches, blades, blade arms, remote controls, wall switches, pc boards, accessories / glass, hanger brackets, repairs, rod and extensions, reversing switch, and ballast & bulbs.

If your primary concern is glass and accessories, their selection is quite extensive.

Hampton Bay Lighting Replacement Glass & Parts

For specific Hampton Bay replacement glass or glass shades, Home Depot’s website is the first port of call. This applies to track lighting parts as well. If finding a specific model such as the Hampton Bay Menage replacement glass proves challenging, consider contacting

Outdoor Lighting & Exterior Wall Replacement Parts

A search on Amazon’s website using the search box and the phrase ‘Hampton Bay outdoor lighting accessories’ can yield results (Amazon Affiliate Link). Parts may sometimes be included in the accessories section.

Hampton Bay Heater Replacement Parts

The only viable option appears to be contacting Home Depot. The contact details are listed above.

Hampton Bay Kitchen Cabinet Replacement Parts

Most of the Hampton Bay furniture and casework are manufactured by JSA Industries, based in Cerritos, CA. They do not, unfortunately, sell directly to the public. The procedure to contact Home Depot is outlined above.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Blades Replacement Parts is an excellent resource for ceiling fan replacement parts. They would require the model number and manufacturer’s name of the fan.

Hampton Bay Outdoor Furniture Replacement Parts

This section addresses replacement parts for items such as a Patio Umbrella, Umbrella Base, Patio Chair, Sling Chair, Canopy or Gazebo, and Patio Furniture. Home Depot remains the primary contact, either through their local store, parts department, or their website.

It’s important to note that many of the Hampton Bay outdoor furnishings and accessories are season-specific and subsequently discontinued. Thus, obtaining replacement parts may be challenging, though Home Depot can provide suggestions for comparable products from recent lines.

Hampton Bay Blinds Replacement Parts

The only option to repair, replace, or fix standard or Hampton Bay vertical blinds is to visit your local Home Depot store or contact their parts replacement department.

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