Farmhouse ceiling fans are more than just functional; they can be a focal point of your home decor. These fans combine the charm of rustic aesthetics with modern technology, providing both light and air circulation. Here, we delve into the best farmhouse ceiling fans with lights to illuminate your home in 2023.

Best Farmhouse Ceiling Fans with Light to Illuminate Your Home

Why Choose a Farmhouse Ceiling Fan?

Farmhouse ceiling fans are a perfect blend of style and functionality. They add a rustic charm to your home while providing the necessary air circulation and lighting. These fans are versatile and can complement various home decor styles, from traditional to modern farmhouse.

Top Picks for Farmhouse Ceiling Fans with Lights

Here are some of our top picks for farmhouse ceiling fans with lights:

  1. Hunter Fan Company 52″ Cranbrook Low Gloss Black Ceiling Fan with Light/Remote: This fan combines a modern design with the rustic charm of farmhouse decor. It features a low-profile housing and a LED light kit for energy-efficient illumination.
  2. Prominence Home 51593 Saybrook Ceiling Fan: This fan boasts a sleek design with a beautiful bronze finish. It comes with a three-light kit and reversible blades, allowing you to customize its look.
  3. Harbor Breeze Mazon Ceiling Fan: This fan offers a blend of modern and rustic aesthetics. It features a brushed nickel finish and a light kit with frosted glass.

Tips for Choosing the Right Farmhouse Ceiling Fan

When choosing a farmhouse ceiling fan, consider the following:

  • Size: The fan should be proportionate to the room. A fan that is too small or too large can look out of place. Check out our guide on how to choose the right size Hampton Bay ceiling fan for your room for more tips.
  • Lighting: Consider the type of lighting you want. Some fans come with light kits, while others do not. If you want your fan to double as a light source, look for one with a light kit.
  • Style: Farmhouse ceiling fans come in various styles, from rustic to modern. Choose a style that complements your home decor.
  • Features: Look for features like remote control, reversible blades, and energy-efficient lights.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Farmhouse Ceiling Fans

Farmhouse ceiling fans are a fantastic addition to any home, providing both style and functionality. But how can you ensure you’re getting the most out of your fan? Here are some tips to help you maximize the benefits of your farmhouse ceiling fans.

Positioning Your Ceiling Fan

The placement of your ceiling fan can significantly impact its effectiveness. Ideally, the fan should be installed in the center of the room for optimal air distribution. However, in rooms with multiple seating areas, it might be beneficial to install more than one fan. Remember, the goal is to enhance comfort by improving air circulation, so consider your room’s layout when deciding on fan placement. Check out our installation guide for more tips.

Experiment with Speed Settings

Ceiling fans typically have multiple speed settings, allowing you to adjust the airflow to your liking. A high-speed setting might be ideal during hot summer days, while a lower speed might be more suitable for cooler days or for light sleepers who are sensitive to noise.

Proper Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your ceiling fan running smoothly and efficiently. This includes cleaning the fan blades regularly to prevent dust build-up, which can slow down the fan and cause it to wobble. Additionally, most ceiling fans have a switch that allows you to change the fan’s direction. In the summer, the fan should rotate counterclockwise to create a cool breeze, while in the winter, it should rotate clockwise to help distribute warm air that has risen to the ceiling. Our maintenance guide provides more detailed information.

Getting the most out of your farmhouse ceiling fan involves strategic positioning, experimenting with speed settings, and regular maintenance. By following these tips, you can ensure your fan not only enhances your home’s decor but also provides optimal comfort year-round.

In conclusion, a farmhouse ceiling fan with light can be a great addition to your home. It not only provides air circulation and lighting but also adds a touch of rustic charm to your decor. So, why wait? Illuminate your home with one of our top picks today!


1) What is the best size for a farmhouse ceiling fan with light?
A: The size of your farmhouse ceiling fan with light should depend on the size of your room. For rooms up to 75 square feet, a fan blade span of 29 inches or less is recommended. For larger rooms up to 400 square feet, a fan blade span of 50-54 inches will provide adequate airflow.

2) Can you use a dimmer switch with a farmhouse ceiling fan and light?
A: Yes, many modern farmhouse ceiling fans come equipped with dimmable LED lights which can be used in conjunction with a compatible wall-mounted or handheld remote control that includes dimming capabilities.

3) Are outdoor rated farmhouse ceiling fans suitable for indoor use?
A: Yes, outdoor-rated farmhouse ceiling fans are perfectly fine to use indoors as they are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain and wind. However, indoor-only models may not be able to hold up against these elements if installed outside.